Support and guidance

A safe space to discuss your journey:

  • Choices for pregnancy care

  • Informed decision making

  • Worries or concerns about newborn care

Birth preparation

Support and guidance

Helping you to feel more control in your birthing journey:

  • A complete hypnobirthing course covering the process of labour and techniques to use for a calmer, more comfortable birth

  • A short 'refresher' chat about your birth choices and options

  • In depth discussions around optimal foetal positioning and the effect this can have on your birth


Support and guidance

In addition to your routine maternity care, we can provide:

  • overnight telephone feeding support

  • parenting groups

  • practical information and advice

Trust Your Body


Trust your body and learn techniques to support you through birth

KGHypnobirthing is logical, simple, practical and very effective. It makes a difference to your birth experience, giving you the tools to give your baby the best possible start in life. Our tailored courses guide you through the power of the mind, physiology and guided relaxations.

Partners encouraged to attend.

Flourish Together

Baby Massage

Growing secure relationships to last a lifetime

Baby massage is a great opportunity to spend time getting to know your baby on a deeper level. Nurturing touch builds on the foundation of skin-to-skin, essential for baby's development and your ever growing bond.

Massage can also encourage normal digestive patterns and regulate hormones to ease transition into life outside the womb!

Release Your Birth Fears

Rewind Consultations

Your birth experience matters: don't let your fears hold you back

The Rewind technique is a simple and effective, three-step process. It helps you to re-process a traumatic birth or experience relating to pregnancy or the postnatal period, which can impact you emotionally and physically.

Guided relaxations take your subconscious mind on a healing journey, helping you to feel more comfortable when thinking about your experience.

Unite Your Tribe

Alternative Baby Showers

A fun and individual take on the traditional baby shower

A gathering to honour you and your pregnancy journey

Surrounded and supported by your tribe

Did you know that the support of close friends and family can help you to achieve your positive birth? We would be honoured to prepare an individualised package to compliment the more traditional aspects of a baby shower, including:

  • Hypnobirthing-style group relaxations

  • Positive birth affirmations and stories

  • Hypnobirthing basics

  • Debunking birth myths and fears

  • Making birth bracelets

  • Bespoke ‘Tribe Tokens’

Eviction Notice Package


*Coming soon*

Nurture Your Body


*Coming soon*