Team PIB


Midwife, mother of one, wannabe hippy

It's been an interesting journey to finally finding my passion for midwifery, having completed a dance degree, worked as an arts centre assistant, a purchase ledger clerk, a care support worker... When my (now) husband relocated to The North, I decided the time was right to go for it and start a new career. Since starting college my interest in the holistic side of midwifery has bloomed, and so has my passion for changing maternity services to honour families' rights and choices, rather follow a medicalised model of care. I know 100% that my experiences with my now 2-year-old son would have been so different had it not been for the incredible, forward-thinking midwives I worked with and received care from in an incredible caseloading service called One to One Midwives.

I'm so proud of PIB and happy to be able to provide all those 'extra' bits that are actually incredibly important to having a positive experience. I'm trained in acupuncture, hypnobirthing, baby massage, and aromatherapy for birth.


Midwife, mother of four, grandmother of three and work traveller

I came to midwifery late in life after the medicalised birth of my four children. I firmly believed that birth was a social event and was determined to make a change. I finally found my niche seven years after qualifying when I joined One to One Midwives. Here I was able to practice in a holistic way, using research and evidence to inform my practice but also to give that information to birthing people and their families. This meant choice and informed decision making was in their hands not mine. Parents in Bloom want to carry that forward by ensuring you have the most up to date evidence at your fingertips.

As you can see I'm passionate, told I'm very caring and empathetic and would love to share that all with you. As a woman of a 'certain age' I bring life experience to my practice and this I feel gives the added extra to my care.